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Candy Corn Topiary

What You Need (for Each Topiary)

■Metal bucket, approximately 9 inches in diameter

■31-inch-long 1-inch dowel

■Black acrylic paint

■Sheet of white poster board

■Wrapping paper: orange, yellow, and white

■White construction paper

■Black rickrack

■Circle punches: 2-1/2- and 1-inch-diameter

■Water-base decoupage medium

■1-inch-wide sponge brush

■Floral foam

■Black shredded paper

■Crafts glue

■Double-stick tape

How to Make It

1.Paint the bucket and the dowel black. Let dry.

2. Enlarge the pattern (click on the link above to download it), and cut out.

3. Lay the topiary pattern over the poster board for the base. Trace around the pattern, and cut out the cone. Roll it into a cone shape and secure with tape.

4. Lay the candy corn stripe patterns on the appropriate colors of wrapping paper, trace around the patterns, and cut out the shapes.

5. Wrap the stripes around the cone and tape the ends to secure. Cut lengths of rickrack to cover the seams, and secure with crafts glue. Let dry.

6. Use the circle punches to make white construction paper circles. Glue the circles to the bucket. Let dry.

7. Brush on two coats of decoupage medium, allowing drying time between the coats. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit snugly inside the bucket and cone. Push the dowel into the foam. Carefully push the cone topiary onto the upright dowel. Fill the bucket with shredded paper.


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