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Decorating Your Home


The first step is to look around your home, see what you want to change, update, or just get rid of.

Decide which room you want to start with.  Now that you know the room you want, you can get started.

 Next, what look are you going for?  Go through magazines and the web for ideals.

You might change your mind and go with a different look then you thought you wanted.

 Now, that you have picked a room, gone through magazines and the web for ideals.

Move the furniture around for a different look.  Just moving the furniture around can change the look of a room, sometimes that’s all it takes.

 Next, go shopping!

 The first place you want to go shopping is your own home.  You might be surprised.  That lamp in your bedroom that you were not too happy with?

It may look great in your family room.  Do you see where I’m going with this? =)

 Now that you have collected your merchandise, start placing them around the room until you find the look you’re going for.

If you need help with this, you can send me pictures of your room, and tell me what look you are wanting and I will give you suggestions.

 After you have gone shopping in your own home, go to Habitat for Humanity Restore Resale outlets.

Habitat’s Restore resale outlets sell reusable and surplus building materials to the public. While every Restore outlet is a little different, most focus on home improvement goods like furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliance.

Also, check out thrift stores, garage sales, consignment stores or go to furniture stores, see if they have a damaged sales room.


 Transform a dresser/sideboard or cabinet into a kitchen Island.




You can make your own Kitchen Island by using two dresser or sideboards that look the same or use two different ones as long as they are the same dimensions.

The standard height for a kitchen island ranges from 34 to 38 inches in height.

If you want to use the Island as a breakfast counter as well as a work area, you will want to use a height suitable for stool seating.

Stools most often range from 24 to 36 inches in seat height.

For the Island top, you can use a table top. (Thrift stores, garage sales, consignment stores)

When you are hunting for the tabletop make sure that, you can remove the legs and sides if it has any.

If the backs of the dressers/sideboards look bad, you can get bead board or paneling and finish it the color of the dressers/sideboards or cabinet.

 You can paint or stain the dressers/sideboards, cabinet or leave them their original color.


You can also turn a dresser/sideboard into a TV stand.



When looking for a Dresser/Sideboard for your TV stand you want to consider the size of your TV, the space you have at home and the space you have for your TV stand (Dresser/Sideboard). The TV stand (Dresser/Sideboard) should be able to support your TV size (it should be wide enough to protect the length of the screen) consider its height.

You must make sure that the height of your TV is enough to have the full view of your cinema.

It is also important that it is directly viewed straight ahead, with the eye level of the viewer at the screen’s center and in optimal viewing height to enjoy the full effect of your cinema.



Craft and Gift Wrap Station



If you cannot find a hutch at the Habitat for Humanity Restore Resale outlet, thrift stores, garage sales or consignment stores, you can use a dresser with bookshelves on top/sideboard w/ bookshelves on top, or a desk with bookshelves on top. Make sure you screw in the bookshelves to the top of the Dresser/Sideboard or Desk.




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